Sunday, October 16, 2011

OCT 14 2011

To all my readers past, present and future who have read what I have called my newsletter, Intervals, over the years I am about to make a change. When I started Intervals it was the result of a program initiated by the National Endowment of the Arts in the early 1990’s specifically meant for a portion of the jazz musician population who were then considered in “mid-career.” This meant not young enough to be part of the then widely publicized “Young Lions” movement, but on the other hand not old enough to be living legends. This described my situation quite well at the time. I was directed to journalist Bret Primack, who has since become synonymous with jazz on the internet. After a variety of ideas, including management, starting a non profit corporation, filling out grants, etc., all moves that have been done with varying degrees of success by other artists, we settled on the idea of incorporating a newsletter. First of all, I enjoyed writing and by then had authored several books, so I was comfortable with typing (yes, on a typewriter!!) and was not too bad at expressing myself in this medium. The idea was for people to be aware of my activities and as it evolved, my thoughts on various subjects. Of course this was well before the internet, blogs, e mails, etc. I started out with typed newsletters, getting help from a local couple, Scott and Joan Fabian, mailing out hundreds of copies using a bulk rate. With the advent of e mail I sent Intervals directly to people for a few years, eventually leading to posting the newsletter directly on my web site bi-monthly.

With the advent of Facebook, it is quite clear that web sites serve a very different function than just a few years ago when it was the solo source of information about an artist. Now, it is more of a repository of items concerning past and present activities….bio materials, discography, photos, educational articles, lists of publications, new recordings, itineraries, events, etc. But as a source of contact with the world at large, this has shifted to Facebook. I have a gentleman, Michael Crowell, who coordinates Facebook for me and has built up quite a large number of friends and fans over the past year plus. Because of these changes I have decided to stop publication of Intervals on my web site. Instead, I will post things directly on Facebook as they occur and have time to write. I think this is much more practical and will have a larger readership.

I must say that having to meet a deadline, though self imposed was very positive for forming my thoughts on subjects, organizing my activities and the like. I have all the past newsletters from 1993 posted on the web site in this section called Intervals as well as a table of contents with the named articles. I will continue to collect what I write about and all my activities in an organized fashion in this section of past newsletters. With gratitude to Bret Primack, Scott and Joan Fabian, and after eighteen years, Intervals has a new lease on life as a way to communicate with interested folks around the world. You can always contact me through the web site under the tab called Contact on my home page.

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There's a greaat story of this photo dated 1970, I believe from a record date with Louis Armstrong who died shortly after. I was at Miles' house in the late 70's and out of nowhere he grabbed a big blow up of this picture. He said something to the effect: "From him to me... to you." Whew!! More important, look at his face...the joy and the feelng of respect that Miles gives off to the father of all of us.